Born in Frauenfeld, Switzerland to non musical parents, Yussi began to play guitar in 1985 in the style of the British Invasion of the 60's. After earning a degree in ground construction he went on to study at the renowned Jazz Institute St. Gallen, forming and playing in a dozen bands, teaching guitar, working as a sound man at Polka Festivals and recording an album with "The Minimals". He then received a music Scholarship, moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he graduated with honors. In 1993 he enrolled at L.A.V.C to study classical guitar, arranging and orchestration, attend master classes and perform recitals. In 1994 Yussi began to play mandolin, banjo and other exotic string instruments, developed interest in flamenco guitar and studied with prominent L.A. teachers.


Yussi's Story

While Indian master Hari Har Rao tutored Yussi in the art of sitar playing, Narada recording artists Axiom of Choice invited him in 1994 to join the band for their debut album "Beyond Denial."

In 1995 he designed a series of guitars with Luthier Boaz Elkayam, recorded and released Yussi & Django's album "Bandidos de Amor" and played on Ricky Martin's "A Medio Vivir" featuring the hit song "Maria." He also played on Ricky's follow up Grammy winning release Vuelve.

Yussi's solo albums "El Pirata" in 2000, "Velvet Rebel" in 2008 and  "Atomik Inferno" 2015 and "Exotic Wizard" 2017 are all released on XDOT25 along with 3 separate Single releases.

Since 1995 Yussi played on 150 plus albums, numerous film scores, TV shows and documentaries and commercials and a few musicals. In 2010 he joined the Faculty at Musician's Institute and now teaches genre specific classes and guitar styles there.

He also appears in the movies "Paulie" and "Love and Basketball " and "Collateral", recorded two albums with his rumba band Bandidos de Amor and gives around 230 live performances each year. Yussi has performed or recorded with many Latin and Middle Eastern Stars: Ricky Martin, Cristian Castro, Lucero, Paulina Rubio, Cheech Marin, Nydia Rojas, Robi Rosa, Taboo, El Chicano, Fernando Allende, Mostafa Amar, Ragheb Alama, Googoosh, Andy, Faramarz Assef, Ebi, Helen, Siavash, Sattar,Leilah, Morteza, Monsour, Linda George, Baila Habibi. Other credits include the movies: The Mexican, Two Weeks Notice, Doubletake, Love and Basketball, Paulie, Gunshy, Bloodline. TV Shows Nikita, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, TMZ, Party of Five, Tyra Banks Show, Miss Universe, Meet the Marks, Shasta McNasty and Commercials for Coca Cola, Pepsi and Unitd Healthcare.

After successful release of "Bandidos De Amor" by Yussi & Django, Yussi releases "El Pirata" as his first solo album and his second solo release "Velvet Rebel". On these releases, Yussi plays an exotic and energetic style of instrumental guitar music that is spiced with fiery improvisations in the tradition of Eastern European Gypsy, Spanish flamenco and American jazz players. His original compositions blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with powerful Latin and Persian rhythms. His music has sweetness, soul, precision, and youthful energy.

His original compositions blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with Jazz Harmonies and powerful Latin and Persian rhythms, and the result is an intriguing and playful sound similar to the Gypsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Strunz and Farah (with whom he has studied), and even John McLaughlin. This is an incredibly musical partnership, utilizing fluid ensemble lines and intelligent harmonies to showcase an amazing technical abilities. The music has sweetness, soul, precision, and youthful energy.