Film/Motion Picture       Production        Year        Contribution/Participation


The Genius of a Place      Olo Creative Farm     2017

Finding Kukan      Nested Egg Productions      2016

We are Egypt  Kickstarter  2012   Feature Song

Synecdoche   DG Films  2010  Composed Music

The Fence HBO Films  2010  Played on score

Desert Of Forbidden   Art Pope Productions  2009   Played on score

Stellina Blue   Fly High Films   2009  Composer/Feature Songs

Help Wanted  Mingling Media  2008   Feature Song

Bloodline  Cinema Libre  2008  Played on score

Chris & Don  Asphalt Stars Productions  2007  Played on score

The Longing   Bohm Productions  2007  Played on score

11 Minutes Ago   Fly High Films  2007  Feature Songs

Hands Off Cuba   Anim. Soviet Propaganda  2007  Feature Song

Absolute Wilson  FMI   2006  Played on Score

Collateral  Dreamworks  2004  On Camera/Feature Songs

Stolen Childhoods  Galen Films  2003  Played on score

Divining the Human   Brookwood Ent.   2003  Played on score

Two Weeks Notice   Warners Bros   2002  Feature Song

Pandemic  HBO   2002   Played on score

Peace of Heart  Hollywood Dreams   2002  On Camera / Feat. Music

Lost in La Mancha  Low Key Pictures   2002   Played on score

Faces of Change   Eurasia Foundation  2001  Played on score

Doubletake   Disney   2001  Played on score

The Mexican  Dreamworks  2001  Played on film score and soundtrack

Gunshy  Hollywood Pictures  2000   Played on film score

Love & Basketball   New Line Cinema   2000  On camera

Attention Shoppers   Showtime   2000   Played on film score/feature song

The Rowdy Girls   Troma   2000   Played on film score/feature song

Paulie   Dreamworks   1998   On camera/feature song/soundtrack

Starstruck   Cinequanon   1996   Played on film score

Television and Commercials   

TV Show       Affiliate       Year       Contribution/Participation


San Antonio Winery Commercial     2016  On Camera

Benise      Strings of Passion      PBS     2015

Ten TV Toronto     Live Appearance     2015

United Healthcare   Two Rivers Media   2012    Actor

Africa Now   Africa Channel   2012   Composer

Various Episodes   Food Network    2012   Composer

My Ghost Story  BIO   2012   Feature Music

Nikita   KTLA 5   2011   Played on Score

The Bonnie Hunt Show  WB   2010   Composer

The Luisa Show   TBD   2010   Houseband

Stateline   ABC   2009   Feature Music

Saints and Sinners   KCOP 13   2009   Feature Music  

Off the Radar   TVONE   2009   Feature Music  

Benise   The Spanish Guitar   PBS   2009

The Bachelorette   ABC  2009   Feature Music

TMZ   FOX 11   2009   Feature Music

Rescue Ink   Nat Geo   2009   Composer

Morning Show   CNN   2008   Live Performance

What's Up  MTV 2   2008   Live Performance

Buenas Dias   Univision   2008   Live Performance

SI TV   SI TV   2008   Live Performance

On The Road In America   Sundance   2008   Feature Songs

Extra    NBC   2007   Feature Songs

I Propose   Style Network   2007   Feature Song

The New Los Angeles   KCET   2006   Played on Score

The Bachelor-Rome   ABC   2006   Composer

The Bachelor-Paris   ABC   2006   Composer  

Crumbs   ABC   2006   Featured playing Sitar

Talk Show   Tapesh TV   2006   Live Performance

Benise       Nights of Fire   PBS   2005   

Benise    QVC   2004   Live Performance

Pepsi   Natl. Commercial   2004   Played on score

Coca-Cola   Natl. Commercial   2003   Played on score

Miss Universe 2003   NBC   2003   Feature Song

Meet The Marks   FOX 11   2002    Played cues

Popstars    Warner Bros./KTLA   2001  Soundtrack

ITN.   Iranian TV Network   2000   Special Appearance

Lusty Latin Ladies       Playboy TV     2000    On camera

Shasta   KCOP 13   1999   Played on score /cues

Quien Tiene El Razon   KWHY-TV   1999   On camera

Party of Five   FOX 11   1996    On camera/played on score



Radio Station or Affiliate       Contribution/Participation


WJCT 89.9FM   Jacksonville FL   Performed Live

XM Radio   El Pirata in Rotation

Sirius   El Pirata in Rotation

KPFK   Bumper Music

KCRW   Airplay

Fashion Square  Played on Jingle



Projects      Year      Contribution/Participation


Italian Museum Association  2009   Voiceover

Ross Daily   Film Promo       2008   Production



Projects      Year     Contribution/Participation


Mind, Body & Soul                 El Portal Theater      2015     Music Performer

Viva La Vida, Frida Kahlo      El Centro Theater    2002     Music Performer


Music Videos


Yussi                                   Blood & Wine     

Farhad Besharati             Sobhaneh

Faramarz Assef                Nemitooneh     

Yussi & Django                  Turquoise

Andy                                    TBA

Leila Forouhar                   Doo Ashegh

Faramarz Assef                 Gashang-e-Roozegar

Davoud Behboodi             Beraghs

Sattar                                   TBA

Helen                                   TBA

Leila Forouhar                   Joleen  

Davoud Behboodi             Hekayat

Farmarz Aslani/Assef      Parastoohah

Yussi                                    A Touch of Satin

The Minimals                    When Love is Dying


Other Media


Epicor             Mangetti Productions      2014      On Camera

Cadillac           ATS Internet Ads              2012      Composer

ACI                 Convention                          2011       Studio Work/ Production

Selected Shorts and other Time Travel    David Goodberg    2011    Music to accompany Book